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It Just Might Be on Purpose

I hate conspiracy theories and I hate it when commentators try to point to disparate events as proof that some politician is a bad egg.  But I have to say this and I know it’s going to make some of you mad.

It appears to some that the Democrat strategy is to keep the economy down and in the doldrums in order to continue to ‘blame’ the previous administration and keep the country in a state of economic crisis.  I know, it sounds crazy and I can’t even believe I’m writing this but here it goes.

 I believe the President and many on the far left in his party are purposely doing and saying things that keep the American economy in a state of constant flux and instability.  Take the press conferences over the past couple of day.  (01/21/2010)

 In an attempt to strike a populist tone and garner support to the Democrat candidate in Massachusetts, President Obama came out with a speech denouncing corporate bonuses and pay for CEOs.  After the Democrat loss and the exuberance of the electorate he made another speech about limiting the size of banks which practically collapsed the stock market.

If we take Rohm Emmanuel at his word; ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’  Then we have to assume that the left in this country needs us to remain in crisis to pass their agenda.  So I ask; is the President and his party purposely trying to keep our economy down?  Could this be true?  I’m beginning to believe it just might be on purpose.


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Facing The Inevitable

It’s Monday, the day before election 2008 and I would like to send a shout out to all my friends who are supporting the WINNER!  Seems that Barak Obama will win this election.  According to all the polls, he’s just to far ahead.

To all of you who chose Senator Obama, I say congratulations.  You chose the winner!  However, I chose the loser and I’ve chosen to vote for a party that truly has lost touch with how to run a decent campaign. 

The problem with the Republican Party and the way it ran this campaign are indicative of the way it ran the government when they were the majority in congress and held the presidency.  Rather than institute conservative principals in government, they opened the check book, deregulated without regard for economic safety and basically assisted the democrats in ruining the economy.

The last great Conservative was Ronald Reagan.  He didn’t care what the media or the world said about him, he just applied his core values to his policy.  He was an unfaltering leader that made Americans proud after the failures of the Carter administration and his policy healed an ailing economy.

For those who will point to the clearly massive spending that happened during the Reagan era, I will agree.  The windfall tax revenue generated during that time should have gone to paying off national debt.  We needed more restricitve policies with regard to welfare related programs and we could have pulled back a little on defense spending.

However, the bottom line is this, the Republican’s appear to have lost this election because they had no backbone.  They did not adhere to their core values, they allowed the traditional media and the new media to frame their debate and that caused them to send a mixed message.  Not a message of hope and real change.

The Bush Administration has kept us safe, but it did so while compromising all of its core conservative principals.  This allowed a our economy to be raped and has left a huge debt for the American people to pay.

If Obama wins tomorrow, as it appears he will, then the Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves.  It is time for them to rebuild.  As a bystander and non-member of the Republican Party (I’m an independent) I believe they need to think carefully.  If they want to rule then they need a clear message, they need to ignore ALL the media and they need some backbone.

Congratulations to my friends who support Obama.  I hope you are correct about his ability and I pray for better times for our great nation.

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Bar Stool Economics – The Analysis

We’ve all seen the bar stool economics email, right?  The one where the 10 buddies go to the bar and they all pay according to their ability rather than dividing the bill up equally.  (by the way – this is a communist principal ….each according to their ability to each according to their need…. but that’s for another post, let’s move on.)

Well my lovely bride sent this email out to a friend of hers and he responded with a well thought out recalculation.  I won’t go into his response in detail because this post is not about the numbers.  This post is all about the fact that he needed to respond in a way that would prove his point.

His analogy was to point out that his grand father, a very wealthy man in his own right, paid less tax than a lot of people that mad eless than he did.  His analogy showed the wealthy guy paying less than the others as a percentage, thereby creating a deficit to the bar owner, he also disparages his grand father for only paying Social Security Tax to a certain limit.

While he had a decent analogy, he forgot one thing.  The people that put the SS tax in place were the democrats and the people that started the ‘tiered’ system  of taxation were democrats. Regardless of the reasoning behind these ‘systems’ the truth of our day and of this political environment is that the current system is used to pit one American against the other.

So here we sit. Al off us Americans…..many of us in the same tax bracket……taking a simple analogy of how our tax system works and turning it into some complex manipulation of numbers to show how it all ‘really’ works! LOL

and I say, isn’t that the real problem anyway?!!?

Don’t we need to quit worrying about what other people make and/or pay and go to a system that doesn’t promote class warfare? I look at the parties and I see one side always trying to tax the heck out of me and I see the other always trying to remove taxes from me. But then I see one party trying to legislate morality while the other isn’t.

I say the government should stay out of our wallets AND out of our bedrooms. It’s a shame we don’t have a singular choice that meets both tenants. In the end I vote for the party that stays ‘mostly’ out of my wallet. That would be the Republicans ….this year anyway….

Oh and BTW – This current economic crisis was not caused completely by the Republicans. It was caused mostly by the Dems. I know because I have followed the issue for years and have railed against the abuses in lending for years. I’m in the mortgage/real estate industry and I watched this crash coming.

There is no debating that the democrats staved off heavier regulation of the GSE’s and that the Republicans the Bush Admin. wanted more regulation on those companies.

Visit this link and watch the politicians say in their own words:

It’s also no secret that J. Carter created the Community Reinvestment Act and it was Clinton who expanded it and forced banks under the threat of a law suit to prove that they were making loans in ‘under developed’ communities. This act essentially created the Sub Prime mortgage market and forced banks to make loans to people that couldn’t afford them.

We can go into all the predatory lender comments and bad players and play the blame game, but everyone needs to realize that these players would never have existed if a playing field had not been created for them to play on. This field was created by the expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act and through the lack of the political will of Democrats on the hill to allow tighter regulation of the GSE’s

These facts are undeniable. So here we sit, good people, reasonable people and knowledgeable people, arguing (in a playful way of course) over who to vote for. We are probably very close in our belief systems but the pimps from both parties have achieved their goal…..they’ve gotten fairly like minded individuals to play the ‘class warfare’ game and even have some people disparaging their own grandfather to make thier point.

We all need to band together and find a way to remove these pimps from office. The socialist and the facist need to go and we need to elect some people that truly understand that our nation was founded as a Democratic Republic and not a democracy. We need the Fair Tax so pimp politicians can’t pit good people against each other even if we are against each other in jest.

Much love for everybody’s passion in taking the time to recalculate but I think they may have been blinded by a little ‘class warfareism’ with the response.

Take care and hope everyone is making it through this down economy.

Read this and other comments on my blog I would love to get your feedback. Remember when you read it, I said brains NOT included, that would mean the politicians and MINE! LOL

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