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Economics 101

Okay, okay, okay …  Sounds boring I know, but stick with me here.

I’m just a dumb hick from the south side of Atlanta, GA.  I have a high school education and I like to say that I got my college degree from Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  So here’s my point; if I can understand how economics work on the most basic level why can’t our politicians.

So in articles tagged as Economics 101 you’ll find my dumbed down interpretation of some pretty complex stuff.  The bottom line are that there are two major theories on economics.  One is capitalism, we’ve all heard of that one.  The other is Keynesian Economics, not many people know of that one. 

Suffice to say, capitalism has proven to create more wealth and freedom than any other system while Keynesian Economics has been proven time and again to be an utter failure.  Putting political parties aside, capitalism is usually the choice for most fiscal conservatives while most progressives choose Keynes model.

While capitalism can be harsh sometimes, it is a self-correcting style of economics that rewards hard work and innovation and punishes sloth.  Keynes, well Keynes theories extended the great depression and gave us Jimmy Carter’s ‘Stagflation’.  So in articles tagged Economics 101 I will try to point out some of the difference in philosophy and expose the shear lies and idiocy of some government economic ideas.


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