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Cons & Contradictions

When it comes to politicians, whether it’s a classic con game they are playing or whether their misstatements are just ‘honest’ contradictions, it doesn’t really matter.  So many politicians mislead the electorate it has become difficult to tell the difference from the honest missteps and the blatant lies.

In the blog category labeled Cons & Contradictions, blog post are designed to point out the true cons and alert everyone to the contradictions.  By nature all blogs are filled with one’s personal opinions, these posts are backed up with some serious facts. (to find articles in this category click the ‘Browse’ button above and then click on C0ns & Contradictions)

It’s time to wake up America, before we lose all the steadfast principles this country was built on!  We need to dial the clock back to a time when we at least expected our politicians to be consistent in their stances,  even if we knew they were just playing politics with the truth.

I hope the posts in this category open some eyes and free some minds.  If you see any cons or contradictions that you think people should be made aware of then let us know!  Send your post or suggestion to me via the comment box below.  (Click ‘Browse’ to locate articles dealing with Cons & Contradictions and then click on Cons & Contradictions)


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