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Swine Flu

As I sit here today with my hospital mask over my face dodging the swine flu something occurs to me. We as Americans allow ourselves to be led around by the nose like a pack of wild animals.

Every time 4 people get sick from the same thing the media starts talking about a pandemic. While that is ridiculous enough on its own we believe it and start strapping on our masks. What is wrong with us?

As most of you are reading my writing for the first time I will tell you a little about myself. I am middle aged, conservative, a little crabby, and not very smart. That’s probably all you need to know I am a good counterbalance to my good friend and the very smart Michael Gross.

While Mike and I have had many discussions about many different subjects the one that always ends the evening is the media. We as Americans believe anything that is told to us.

While the majority of Americans are pretty smart one on one it has always amazed me how dumb we can be as a group. The swine flu is just an example there are many more. Let’s take the current market conditions in my opinion we were on the edge of a slippery slope waiting for a push.

The media started preaching the end of time is near what are we all going to do and us as a group stopped spending money. Well my friends sometimes things can be a self fulfilling prophecy.

For instance a middle income family the husband works for IBM the wife works at Lowes. Every weekend the two do projects around the house they go to Lowes and spend $100.00 a weekend on materials for their projects.

They can afford this 2 nice incomes well planned budgets they are doing well. All of a sudden the news comes on and says we are circling the drain hide the women, children, and cash.

So they do they stop spending the $100.00 a weekend and so do there neighbors because everyone fears they is going to be layoffs. Well Lowes has lost a big customer base and guess what the wife gets laid off now they can’t afford a mortgage and so on.

While I do believe the market is affected by profit forecasts and corporation decisions I also believe that in a capitalist society the markets are affected the most by capital and the ability to create it.

Capitalism is simple land, labor, and capital we have got lazy and the only thing we look at is capital. We have sent the land and the labor out of the country all we look at is capital. What is wrong with us?
Where is the entrepreneurial spirit that once had us starting lemonade stands, cutting grass and babysitting. Has anyone tried to get a kid to cut your grass lately they want $50 it’s all about capital.

In my opinion all we need to turn this economy and the country around is to stop looking for hand outs. Stop sending our jobs out of the country. Stop being scared every time chicken little runs by screaming the sky is falling.

Take our country back from the liberal’s who are taking us down the path of socialism. What business does the government have in GM, Chrysler, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and many others? The strong survive, it’s just a fact and it is better overall for the consumers to let it happen.

It might hurt for a minute but if we as a country need something there is always a new entrepreneur waiting to fill that need. So to end my little rant here whenever you hear something in the media instead of just running with the flock stop think about it, develop your own opinion and go with your gut.

As a matter of fact, what makes this country great is you can be an individual! Don’t allow yourself to be hearded with the masses. If we would all do this imagine how great our country could be.

Guest Author: Jason Ganzel – My brother-in-arms, cousin and compadre! Hope he didn’t offend anyone! LOL Mike.


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