Brains Not Included

Cracked Up, Whacked Out and Completely Out of Control


If you are reading this blog you either know me or you stumbled across these pages because of my whacked out since of the way things should be.  I am neither a Dem or Repub.  However, I am a little of a retard!  Just joking, I consider myself an unabashed and unapologetic independent.

I am a free thinker and I wish more Americans were as well.  I believe that most people are just left or just right of center but a left-wing major media and a right-wing new media keep us fighting. 

I don’t understand why the major media outlets play the game of saying they are fair, they are not and that’s okay.  They just need to admit it and quit trying to fool the American people.  Those on the right, and you know who they are, at least let us know they are commentators not reporters. 

Take John Stossle for instance.  Conservative, right?  Admits he is and admits it affects his reporting.  Fair enough, thanks for the warning.  Now i know what to watch out for when I watch his reports.

We should get the same from the left.  What do ya say Anderson Cooper, George Stepanopolous, Charles Gibson, Katie Couric, Anyone want to step up to the plate and let us know that you aren’t really the bastions of fairness you claim to be?  Which way do your really lean.

Enough about my rantings, you’re probably reading this ‘About’ page to find out what the blog and the author are all about.  So here it goes….

I enjoy self effacing humor and I’m kind of a nut.  So, in that vein, I like to tweak my buddies with a little devils advocate argument from time to time.  I am an avid news and politics junky and I read voraciously, and since most of my buddies verge on illiteracy, I have a great advantage over them. 

(If you are one of my buddies and you take offence to this comment, it is totally meant in a funny, tongue and cheek way.  Don’t get all ‘chick’ on me and take it personal …..oops, did it again, if you are one of my buddies and you are a chick, don’t take offence either, I love strong women.  Everybody just lighten up!  This is ‘BRAINS’ not included after all ….and of course that means mine…. assuming I had any in the first place.)


If you are looking for a straight conservative versus liberal argument here, you’ll only find it by accident.  I believe two things fervently.  1.  The government should stay out of our wallet …and…. 2.  The government should stay out of our bedrooms.

So What does this mean?  It means that we are over taxed and over legislated.  We should leave the moral issues that don’t affect society’s safety as a whole to the privacy of individuals.  And the government needs to stop spending our money on give-away programs.  A safety net is needed but it should only be that, a safety net.

I could go on and on but I think you get the gist of what this blog is about.  It’s about pointing out the flaws in our system, poking fun at life-long politicians that have lost sight of what it’s like to live ‘out here’ in the real America and it’s about rugged American individualism and heart.

It’s time to stop with the handouts and start with the tough love.  Government spends to much and is to inefficient and it’s time for governement to cut back, once and for all.


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