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Dumb or Smarter Than We Want to Admit?

Sarah is back in the news! You all know Sarah, Sarah Palin, the plain spoken Alaskan that would be Vice President if McCain would have been elected. The women that was interviewed by CNN, Fox and ABC while she was fishing for Salmon over the 4th of July weekend, come on, you know her …the ‘Dumb’ one that David Letterman, John Mahr and others make fun of ….. right?

Joe Bidden was back in the news! You know Joe, good ole Joe. The one that was an ‘also ran’ until he was picked by Obama to be VP. The one they call the Gaff Master. The one that rode AmTrack all those years and had breakfast ‘every morning’ at place that had been closed for more than 20 years. Yes, that Joe! Good Ole Joe!

Both sides say these people are dumb. Dumb as rocks and noone can seem to understand why they are on the public stage. Watch the bloggers, they tear these people apart. ABC, NBC, et-al rip Sarah Palin apart. “She’s naïve,” “She’s inexperienced,” why…”She didn’t even go to an Ivey League school!”

Then there the bloggers on the other side of the aisle that say Biden doesn’t know when to shut up. They are not sure if he’s honest, or stupid or just to backwards to know when to be honest or play dumb.

Well here’s what I think, and you knew this was coming….

Whether it’s George W Bush (43) or Jesse Ventura (Wrestler that made it to governor), or whether its Al Franken (former comedian turned Senator) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (nuff said), these people are not dumb! So they mispronounce words, have accents or seem to take simpler views of what the media claims are complex problems. So what, maybe they have a different perspective and maybe it’s time we all sat up and listen.

Here’s my proof and my point that they are not stupid. Becoming the Governor of a State in the USA makes you the leader of what amounts to a small country. Some states are in the top 10 economies in the world beating out even advanced nations in Europe.

Becoming number two in line for the presidency is no small task. There is a lot of maneuvering that goes on to obtain that goal and becoming president is an even harder task. Some will argue that it’s other people’s smarts that propel these ‘dummies’ to those levels, but I have to ask, who’s smarter? The one who hired the smart people to perform the appointed task or the people doing the work?

The answer is simple. The one doing the hiring is the smart one. They are smart enough to understand their strengths and leverage them. They are smart enough to understand their weaknesses and hire others to overcome them …. and watch …. in some cases you’ll see they are smart enough to even use their weakness to their own advantage.

I believe these people are smarter than we all know. If you think you are smarter than say Sarah Palin, I challenge you to accomplish what she has. An 86% approval rating for a Governor is virtually unheard of, how smart do you have to be? Pretty damn smart.

As for her recent move to resign as governor, watch, read and learn. It was a smart move. As it turns out, the state of Alaska has an ethics law that is the toughest in the land. Any one can bring an ethics complaint for any reason. Also, it is an ethics violation for an elected official in Alaska to use government time and resources to promote a National agenda that benefits themselves.

(of course the talking heads on TV that ‘say’ the news don’t do any investigative reporting any more so something as simple as this will never be reported!)

That’s why she quit, she was so busy defending frivolous ethics claims and had so many offers to be on the National stage that she HAD to quit. It was a SMART decision and it was an ethical decision. Doubtful that the mainstream media will ever get that.

And there in lies another great point about her intelligence. She’s smart enough to know that the media won’t get it and it will keep her in the news. She has manipulated the media from day one and has stayed in the spot light. She even knocked the death of MJ off the front pages for a day!

Palin dumb? Biden dumb? ‘W’ et-al …. Dumb? They don’t mind if you or I think they are because it works to their advantage. How smart is that?!


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