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Up In Smoke! Picking Winners & Loosers Again…

There is not doubt in my mind that there are winners and losers in every aspect of life and a person’s free will and ability to choose can determine whether they are a winner or a loser. We all have a choice. There is a point when we grow up and we can choose to good or bad, right or wrong, left or right.

I believe that the reason America is so strong is because our government was designed to allow this free will to exist. You can choose good and be rewarded or you can choose poorly and be punished.

That punishment can come in many forms. Some choices mean that you, the individual making the choice, are left out of the social or economic growth experienced by others. For instance, choose to sleep in every day and show up to work late and you’ll be unemployed. Bad!

However, choose to get up early, get to work on time and be productive and you will be rewarded! Good!

Choose to break a law and go to jail, choose to do the right thing and stay out of jail. I think you get my point and here’s where I’m going with all of this. It seems that lately we Americans have lost sight of the fact that allowing a winners and losers to be created in society through free will is much better than having a nanny state determine who the winners and losers are.

Now we seem to applaud the government for their daring efforts to save the banks. We MUST save the auto industry and now we’ve done it again. In an attempt to save people from themselves and their choices we have finally instituted stricter regulations on tobacco products.

An unintended consequence of this regulation is that it will establish one company above all others as the leader in the industry and may solidify them in that position for ever. As a matter of fact, Phillip Morris (the company destined to hold the top spot) actually lobbied FOR the regulation!

So now we have the Government choosing winners and losers again! When does it all stop? If you think this is a good thing then ponder this. What happens when the government decides that the company that competes with the one you work for is more important than yours? What happens when you are on the losing side and you get laid off or see your sales drop so drastically that the company is shut down?

In the end having a government that chooses winners and loser can only lead to ruin. Look at the Soviet Union, Facist/Socialist eras in France and other Eastern European states during the 80’s. Is that what we want America to become? I thing not … and if it does, anyone up for sharing a plane ride to Australia?


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