Brains Not Included

Cracked Up, Whacked Out and Completely Out of Control

In Wonderland

Sometimes when I watch the news I feel as if I’m Alice and I just fell through the rabbit hole.

As I arrived home from another stressful day of barely scratching out a living and working 12-14 hour days just to do it, I was greeted with our President and Secretary “Dodgy The Tax Dodger” Geihtner announcing a new corporate tax program.

As I watched …in disbelief I might add… Secretary Geihtner actually had the gall to admonish corporations who use LEGAL tax loopholes to lower their taxes. He then had the unmitigated nerve to state that the new law would give government the ability to collect back taxes owed by these corporations and wealthy individuals.

Now wait just one cotton pickin’ minute! Is this the same guy that didn’t pay his fair share until he was caught? Isn’t this the same guy that didn’t pay all of his back taxes owed because the statutes of limitation had run out on some of it?

Do we really live in a world where the Sec. Treasury who is supposedly the ‘brightest financial mind’ of our nation can’t even use Turbo Tax to properly file his taxes but is the one lecturing others on the tax responsibilities? Will the hypocrisy never end?

Making American Companies Less Competitive

But let’s look beyond the hypocrisy to the stupidity. While this idea seems to be a good one on its surface and will play well with the ‘class warfare’ types, you know the ones that want to crush the rich and curse the evil corporations, the whole thing will never work.

Here’s why. The rework of the tax code is supposed to ‘punish’ corporations that ship jobs over seas and ‘reward’ companies that create jobs at home. However the tax rate on corporations in our country is confiscatory. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

Companies will just choose to move their operations completely out of the U.S. rather than be subjected to further government interference. On top of the regulations on CEO pay and other socialistic policies, more capital and more companies will leave our shores not stay here!

We Pay Anyway

But that’s not the real point is it? In my usual fashion I’d like to take the conversation to where it belongs and it’s a direction that you are not likely to hear from any normal news cast.

No matter how much corporation is taxed they never pay it. The cost of the tax is just reflected in the retail cost of the goods when they are brought to market. That’s right; we pay the tax, not the corporation.
Higher taxes and tightening loopholes will only lead to more companies leaving our shores. It will lead to less jobs here and it will lead to higher prices on everything. We pay anyway.

Evil Corporations!

Now I know that many of you know that I am self employed and as such I am ‘part of the problem’ in this country. After all, I don’t conform, I’m ambitious, I work hard and I’m independent. You can’t fit me a box so I must be ‘dealt’ with.

That’s right, I’m a CEO and I own an evil corporation. But I’d like to say something here. As a dumb hick from the Southside of Atlanta with a high school education, I’ve worked hard. I’ve taught myself and I’ve put a lot of sweat into what I do.

Over the past two years I’ve endured a huge amount of sacrifice and worked 60, 70 and 80 hour weeks without earning a single dime! I’m barely holding on, but I’m holding on. And when things turn around I deserve to make an unlimited amount of money because of my sacrifice. Who has the right to tell me otherwise?

The IRS and The Hospital

Well it seems that the IRS has the right to tell me otherwise. After years of paying my taxes on time, paying 7.5% of other peoples taxes (BTW – that’s what employers do, they pay 7.5% of someone’s wages to the Federal government for the privilege of having an employee, oh yeah, and don’t forget the additional 15% we pay on ourselves. Sound crazy? It is!)

….sorry, I digress…. I received a letter form the IRS saying that I owed back taxes called FUTA taxes for employee payroll from 2005. When I called I found out there was more, they believed that I operated my business out of California even though I’ve only been to that state once in my life, I could not get them to understand otherwise.

So what’s my point? My point is that the way I was treated was so unprofessional and so harsh that the stress sent me into a tail spin and I ended up in the hospital (that story will come soon, I’m writing it now so stay tuned).

You see, I am to be ‘dealt’ with as far as this administration is concerned. So for those of you who think I’m some conservative hack and guys like me need to be dealt with, watch what you wish for. I’m sure that when the government is finished with guys like me, they’ll turn on you.

Remember, government does not create wealth and at some point those that wish to redistribute wealth will run out of other people’s money, that’s when they’ll come after yours.

BTW – I don’t owe the tax and I have proof. Do you think that matters to the IRS? The answer was and is a resounding …NO!…

Stay tuned for the unbelievable TRUE story of what happened when I called into IRS Customer Svc…. “Coming Soon”


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