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Danger, Danger Will Robinson

It seems like I’ve been running around like that silly, bubble headed robot from the 1960’s ‘sci-fi drama’, Lost In Space! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Why have I been flapping my arms wildly about and pronouncing warnings for so long? It’s because our elected officials seem to have no concept of reality.

Little did I know that when I put the motto of my blog up; Cracked Up, Whacked Out and Completely Out of Control, how right I would be!

From our president who is proclaiming that we will unilaterally reduce our nuclear weapons arsenal while at the same time North Korea launches a test of an intercontinental missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to him bowing at the waste to the so-called King of Saudi Arabia, we seem to have lost our since of pride.

Added on top of these foreign relations miscues are domestic issue missteps such as the bonuses for AIG execs that were approved by a Democratic congress and signed by the president. Did Senator Dodd and the President really believe we would believe them when they said they knew nothing … didn’t they write the bill?

Now we have the situation of an American Flagged ship being held hostage by pirates. This demands a quick and concise response from our government.

Now I hear the Obama Justice department has sent FBI negotiators to the seen as if this were a criminal action. It is not, it is a war. I hear the DOJ wringing their hands over what to do and it sickens me.

‘We haven’t had to deal with this for 200 years…’ bla,bla,bla. Can someone help me out here, how do we deal with scum bags when we have a Navy ship in the area?

Can anyone say; Navy Seals? How about .50 cals and 5 inch deck mounted guns?

Negotiations my eye! In the old days we didn’t send out the constable to try to get Black Beard to stop terrorizing the Barbary Coast did we? Nope, we put a bunch of our war ships out to see and when we found him we blasted the heck out of him!

I’m fed up with the American Apology tour, the diminution of individualism and the fear of naming a ‘thing’ for what it really is because we might offend somebody. These pirates are thugs and terrorist and they deserve to be treated like we are at war with them!

This is NOT a police action. Let the military pop a few of the pirate support ships and put them on the bottom of the ocean and then see if this crap continues. Come on people, let me here a little H**L Yeah! (sorry, got a little carried away with that last part. LOL)


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One Response

  1. Jason says:

    Great call the Obama administration must be reading your blog. Navy S.E.A.L.S. just killed 3 of 4 pirates and our captain is freed…… HELL YEAH!

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