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A Lesson on Greed

When you look around the world and see the haves and have-nots, does it make you wonder if this capitalist society filled with greed is injurious to the world?

A powerful question to be sure. I like the answer given by Milton Freeman and countless other modern day philosophers. Is there some benevolent benefactor within mankind that is so pure that they can order our society for us?

The answer is NO. When you look around the world, the truth is that the societies with a free enterprise system (capitalism) have the highest living standards on the planet. As a matter of fact the freest people have the best quality of life.

However, look at the world where governments restrict free trade and control societies. Their standard of living is squashed and the motivation to improve society is squandered.

Ah, but human nature is not abated. The leaders of these ‘controlled’ and closed societies are greedy. We need only look at the standard of living the leaders enjoy as compared to the poverty they force upon their populous. Is this not Greed?

The problem with heading towards socialism was best stated by Margaret Thatcher when she said that the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

But I think there is an even greater problem. When you look at the history of countries that trend towards Socialism and Communism you see what happens when men are entrusted with ultimate power.

Their Human Nature overtakes them and the next thing you know you move towards Totalitarianism. In a free trade, free enterprise, capitalist society with a Republic form or government, the market and the rule of law helps to minimize our human nature and acts as a checks and balance to human greed.

Sure, greedy people do succeed, but so do people those that aren’t greedy. In a capitalist system, the non-greedy can compete with the greedy and many times the non-greedy win. This creates a better society, not control by some authoritarian overseer.

Some would blame our current economic situation of the greed of capitalism, but the truth is that this situation was caused by poor government policy, shoddy oversight and mismanaged regulations.

In other words, this problem was caused by powerful politicians attempting to dictate to industry how they should operate.

Now the USA moves towards Socialist policies and I find it ironic that as our President visits his once vaunted campaign trail in Europe he is being met with cold shoulders and words of warning.

Even the once Socialist stalwart nations of Germany, France and Italy are now looking upon the actions of Barak Obama with disdain. They have publicly questioned the soundness of the Presidents push for governments to spend more money to get the world economy moving again.

What they are saying (without saying it) is that this has been tried before. They have tried it before …and…. IT DOES NOT WORK!

So I leave with this one question. If the great Socialist Utopias of Europe are not willing to go further down this path because they understand that it will only do more harm than good, then why are we the citizens of the freest nation on earth allowing our government to lead us this way?

Watch the video and learn… I welcome your opinion.


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