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Shut Up and Get Out of the Way!

There …I said it! The talking heads in the government need to just shut up and get out of the way. What gives me the right to be so pointed? Well I’ll tell you.

I have a unique perspective, being one of the few people in the mortgage industry that didn’t go gonzo and make loans to every breathing Jack that walked through my door. I didn’t get rich off the housing boom and I wasn’t part of the “problem.”

I sit everyday watching the stock markets, analyzing the bond market and reading about the mortgage backed securities market trying to give my clients some direction about where interest rates are headed. Right when I think I see a trend developing, BAM! something happens that causes huge volatility in the market!

That ‘something’ that causes volatility and turns good markets into bad is usually very simple to identify. It is a press conference. Not just any press conference, it’s usually a press conference by the President or one of his newly appointed minions.

Case in fact, on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, Sec. Tres. Geihtner has a press conference to announce how the Treasury plans to move forward to ‘fix’ the crisis, the markets tank and theirs huge volatility everywhere. It’s not directional, it’s just panic selling without solid trends. It’s mindless and crazy.

So what’s going on? Well the markets begin to settle and everyone is becoming comfortable. In many cases trends are forming and they are good trends, Whew! We can breath a sigh of relief right?

Wrong! Before a good trend has a chance to take hold and before the capitalism side of our capitalist economy can begin to do what it does, someone from the government announces some new spending, printing or borrowing plan that throws everything out of whack again.

The markets can fix themselves with some oversight and some slight tightening of regulations. But before a real fix can take hold two things have to happen!

One, the government has to Shut Up! Stop telling the markets what your going to do and start listening to what the markets are saying. Step two, is to supply the markets with what they say the need! THEN….. GET OUT OF THE WAY!

If the government officials would quit trying to get face time so they can claim credit for the fix then the fix would come a lot sooner. I for one am tired of seeing the people that got us in this mess claim that they have the fix to get us out.

And I dare you to tell me there’s a whole new crowd in charge now and they didn’t have anything to do with this mess, come on….I dare you… 😉

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