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To One Sided

Okay, I just realized something. I’ve been to one sided. I’m bashing the so-called stimulus plan, referring to it as a huge chunk of pork. It really is nothing more than one giant ‘earmark’ written as a law.

But that’s not the point I want to make today. Along come the Republicans and they band together and not a single Republican votes for the bill. They rant about the pork and they rave about the lie Obama supposedly told about working with both parties.

The one thing they don’t do is offer any viable solutions themselves! Tax cuts is cannot be the end-all/be-all answer for the Republican Party every time their is an economic crisis. The answer must be radical change, but not in the way that the dems want. More spending is NOT the answer either!

These guys just don’t get it! We need real change! Change, real change, would be the elimination of the tax code as we know it. You want to talk change, let’s change our economy from a spending economy to a saving economy by installing the Fair Tax! That’s real change.

Change would be the elimination of Corporate Taxes. Everybody talks a good game about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. but nobody is doing anything about it! Imagine if corporations didn’t pay any tax at all! (well they don’t really, we pay the tax in the form of higher prices on goods and services)

All that money would be enough to make up for the extortion large manufacturers pay to the Unions. That’s CHANGE!

Nobody gets it. Obama hasn’t changed anything yet, he’s just changed who’s in charge. We still have the same old politics. The Republicans need to quit complaining and start offering us something real.

Just pinning the bad ideas on the Democrats so that they get full credit when these ideas fail …and believe me, they will fail… is not good for America. If Republicans want to be seen as more than obstructionist, then they need to propose real and radical change!

“Change we can believe in”, it’s what Americans thought we voted for, now can we get some please?!


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