Brains Not Included

Cracked Up, Whacked Out and Completely Out of Control

Porked Again!

While the President lectures America’s CEO’s about excessive pay and the Vice Pres plays buddy-buddy with Al Gore, the Democratically controlled Congress voted to hand $93,000 to each and every member!

So the earmarking will stop under the Obama administration, right? Of course that’s unless you take into consideration that the $800 billion stimulus is nothing but one HUGE earmark!

Now the Dems have found a new way around future earmarks, you need only look at their most recent actions. They just gave themselves $93,000 per congressman as pocket change.

It’s being sold to us as ‘a necessary increase to help out constituents’. Bull Sh%#! It’s an earmark without being an earmark!

It has been intimated by the Vice President that its patriotic to pay taxes. It has been suggested by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that we all have to tighten our belts. So tell me something, why don’t the politicians have to tighten theirs?

I thought we were going to get some leadership out of the Obama administration. Turns out we’re all just getting Porked Again!

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