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Here Today but Tomorrow? Not so much!

So the stimulus package is here! Yeah! The Dems are here to save the day. They intend to dump $800 billion dollars into the economy! That should get things moving again!

What? What do you mean only 3% of that money will make it into the economy over the next 18 months. Huh? How come 25% of the money isn’t spent until 11 YEARS from now?

I’ll tell you why, because ramming this particular spending package (notice I didn’t call it a stimulus) through is nothing more than an attempt to create bigger government programs well into the future. This idea is as bad as the idea to stop charging payroll taxes on people making less than $50,000 per year.

You haven’t heard much about how the tax break works because its a really, really bad idea as well. We all know that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are underfunded and virtually insolvent. We also know that the ‘payroll’ tax is what supposedly funds them.

So what’s our solution to the problem? To have even less money come in to fund these programs? What?

We need a new program in America. We need to change this economy from a ‘spending’ economy to a ‘savings’ economy. We can’t do that if the government keeps spending, spending and spending some more.

Taking away the payroll tax for some and not all is not the right step. The right step is scrapping the entire income tax system all together. Change our system to a consumption tax.

With a consumption tax, like the Fair Tax, every time someone buys something the government gets paid. Think about all those illegal aliens that burden our hospitals and school systems.

They would not be under the ‘tax radar’ anymore. They buy food, they pay tax. They buy gas, they pay tax. Heck, they buy anything, they pay a tax!

Our poorer citizens, you know the real Americans ….the ones that were born here or did the right thing and did what was necessary to stay here legally… those people would get a card to rebate them for the tax they paid!

That would transform our economy from spenders to savers! What’s so wrong with that. There are many excuses why it can’t be done, but those excuses are mostly made by politicians that would lose power and be forced to come up with REAL solutions to REAL problems.

Let’s force the politicians to stop pitting us against each other based on whose wealthy and whose not and lets stop electing our politicians based on who will tax you less or who will rape the rich! It’s time for a paradigm shift in the way we operate. Stop spending and save!

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