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Taxes Must Be Voluntary?

Timothy Geithner is approved or as the next Sec. Tres. Who is Geithner? If you believe what many senators and congressmen and women have said about him, he’s one of the most important appointees to be considered since the Carter Administration!

Geithner’s resume is long and distinguished and it’s true that he’s not dolt. You don’t get to be the President of the New York Region Federal Reserve without having some solid smarts!

But here’s my problem. Mr. Geithner has had some tax problems, as in, he didn’t pay them. That’s right, he ‘avoid’ paying some taxes through an accounting error.

When pressured about how he managed to miss calculate his tax liability to the tune of more the $40,000, Mr Geitner was more than disingenuous. He blamed the mistake on the fact that he uses Turbo Tax to calculate his return and ‘the program’ must have missed something.

Here’s the interesting thing, the mainstream media gave him a pass. His lofty stature and humongous brain are just to important to America in this critical time. So much for objectivity int he news media.

My problem with this entire situation is not that he miscalculated his tax burden by more money than many people make in a years time, my problem is with the nonchalance he displayed in dealing with the issue. I have a real problem with this ‘big brain’ not being able to figure out his taxes or at least being smart enough to understand that NONE of us can figure them out and that’s why we have to pay others to do it for us!

Let’s up their correct, let’s hope his ‘big brain’ can get us out of this economic mess and the country moving again!

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