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Obama in One Word… Amazing!

I am proud to be an American today! I proud for many reasons, to many to be able to list here today. Our new President has been inaugurated!

His speech was inspiring. He is one of the best orator since John Kennedy. His clear and concise message was one of hope for everyone in our country.

His message to the world was one of stern warning tempered with hope to help the worlds less privileged.

I loved our 43rd President. I admired his principled nature and the way that he did not waiver in his undying devotion to keep our nation safe.

No matter how much you hate President Bush, if you are truly honest, you cannot deny that our nation is safer today because of his willingness to have his name sullied while he did what he thought was right. But his time has come and gone and it now a new day and a new time.

Change is upon us and that change appears hopeful. All Americans should be proud today and everyone should put their differences aside and pray for the success of our new leader!

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