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Al Franken is the winner? The man with the a 34% approval rating the day of the election and the man with just a 28% poll numbers today is being certified as a new senator?

It appears that our politicians have now perfected the legal technique of sueing for election. It started long ago in the hot bed of politcal corruption that is Chicago politics.

Sueing for election was taken to new hieghts by Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, then again by John Kerry in 2004. It appears that the lessons learned about how to count hanging chads and how to ‘locate’ those lost and uncounted votes has been perfected.

Norm Coleman had a 225 vote victory out over 3,000,000 votes. This proves that EVERY vote counts …. But wait …. with the new system of suing for election every vote may not count anymore, some votes may actually count twice!

Reports show that some votes may have been counted twice for Al Franken while legitimate votes for Coleman were tossed by high priced, high power attorneys hired from seed money given to the Franken campaign from George Soros and Hollywood elites.

As a matter of fact, more than 25% of Frankens campaign coffers were filled with funds flowing from out of state sources. Some reports show that a lot of his fund raising was done in California… Draw your own conlusion from that.

Here’s what I think: The electorate doesn’t count any more. Everyone might as well skip the election. Let’s just let anyone that wants to be a senator go out and hire a legal team and then the person with the shiftiest attorney that can manipulate the law and the judges wins.

At least I’ll get to sleep in on election day! What a farse!


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