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Cheney Report to Clear Bush

biden-reportImagine the headline: Cheney: Report to Clear Bush.  ABC, NBC and CBS reporters would blow their stacks.  AP and Reuters would pontificate about the how the report was biased and couldn’t be trusted.  Members of congress would demand a special investigator!

Now enter this headline:  Biden: Report to Clear Obama.  ABC, NBC and CBS reporters are reporting that the report is factual and a ‘relief’ to the Obama campaign.  AP reporters are writing articles that Obama won’t have to cut his Hawaiian vacation short because there was no wrong doing by he or his staff.  Why the difference?

The difference is because the supposedly unbiased press is not so unbiased.  Unbiased reporting would mean simply reporting the fact that Biden had conducted the internal report.  Then they would go on to explain that the report is biased being as it was produced by Obama’s team and then they would point out that a biased report of this nature means nothing.

My point here is not to accuse or besmearch Obama or his team in any way.  I don’t know whether he was part of the pay to play scheme of Blago up in the mean streets of politics in Chicago or not.  Wrong doing or not is not the point here.

The point I’m making is about the supposed unbiased media.  They are NOT unbiased at all.  While I think that Rush is way, way to far rigth of center and at times Sean Hannity makes Rush look like a Lib, at least with these commentators, you know what you are getting …COMMENTARY!

With the talking heads at the major media outlets we are getting commentary disguised as unbiased news.  No wonder political corruption has proliferated for so long in Chicago.  If you are of the proper political persuasion, you get a pass from the ‘unbiased’ media….

By The Way:  The facts are that the report to clear Obama and his staff …you know the report that is being reported on… Obama’s staff hasn’t even released the report yet because they’ve been asked not to by the FBI.  So all the reporters writing articles about how the investigation conducted by Obama’s staff clears Obama and his staff haven’t even seen the reporters yet!  Madness!


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