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Chicago Dogs

chicago-dogI ran the Chicago Marathon about 6 years ago and there were several things I really loved about the city.  The people in all of the neighborhoods I ran through had a huge since of pride.  For the most part, the entire city was welcoming and friendly.

For dinner my wife and I ventured out to a little pub style restaurant and I just couldn’t wait to try a Chicago style hot dog, up until that point I had always been a Coney Island man ….come to think of it, I still am.

The problem for me is that the Chicago Dog was kind of greasy and definitely messy.  It had things on it that didn’t belong; like sliced tomato, a whole pepper and celery salt!  What a concoction.

It’s like someone broke all the rules of Hot Dog decency and they didn’t even care.  They just threw a bunch of crap on a bun, shoved a hot dog in it and called it a day.  Half assed, half witted, bold and blatant and dared anyone to say anything bad about it.

So the Chicago Dog isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  There are other Chicago Dogs whose time has come as well.  It’s time to call them out and point out that they don’t belong either.

These Top Dogs of Chicago politics have run their course.  Their time has come it’s time for them to be taken down.  From Mayor Daley to Jessey Jr.  to Gov. Blogojavich and all the cronies down the line.  Time for Chicago to finally, once and for all, clean up it’s political act.

Then maybe the wonderful people of Chicago can have respectable representation in their political system and who knows, maybe somebody will eventually fix that damned horrible hot dog!


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  1. Iggy says:

    Hear, here!!!

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