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Me and Dennis Miller!

dennis-millerSo when I’m wrong I admit it.  My buddies were right.  You know the ones, the ‘angry’ guys that I just couldn’t understand!  Yes, those guys, the ones with no brains and I can’t beat them up verbally.  Now I think those guys could beat me up with half their brains tied behind their backs.

I was the one on the band wagon first!  I can make that claim and back it up!  I bought the book!  🙂  I saw our President Elect back when he was a Senator speaking from the same steps Lincoln spoke from in Gettysburg. 

It was a moving and eloquent speech that got me thinking  …hmmm….. could I vote Democrat?

Then I read the book Audacity of Hope, and the answer was an emphatic YES!  I could vote for a Dem.  But then the election started.  Barak moved way left, even left of Hillary, then he swung right again.  He was a swinging sea-saw of words and ideas.  I lost who the man was.

Then the right started screaming and the campaign was in full out, tear down the walls, scorched earth, America be Damned mode!  I have to admit, I rail against the cacophony from the political extremes on both sides but I got caught up in them anyway.

Now it looks like Barak is the Barak of Audacity of Hope.  He may be the man that I originally said I would vote for and I’m now sorry I didn’t.  I apologize.

I am in the Dennis Miller camp now.  I support the President Elect fully and I need him to be the kind of President that makes me want to vote for him and nobody else for a second term!  I pray for him and our nation.

As for his recent picks for his cabinet, I am becoming increasingly happy.  His choice of Hillary was a very astute political move.  She is no dove that is for sure.  And, with this pick he has removed one of his most powerful left leaning rivals from the Senate.  Pretty smart move if you ask me.

His softening stance on when and how to pull out of Iraq and on when to or when NOT to raise taxes is also encouraging.  Next election I’ll go with my initial gut reaction on who to vote for and then maybe I won’t have to eat so much crow!  LOL


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