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It’s Monday, the day before election 2008 and I would like to send a shout out to all my friends who are supporting the WINNER!  Seems that Barak Obama will win this election.  According to all the polls, he’s just to far ahead.

To all of you who chose Senator Obama, I say congratulations.  You chose the winner!  However, I chose the loser and I’ve chosen to vote for a party that truly has lost touch with how to run a decent campaign. 

The problem with the Republican Party and the way it ran this campaign are indicative of the way it ran the government when they were the majority in congress and held the presidency.  Rather than institute conservative principals in government, they opened the check book, deregulated without regard for economic safety and basically assisted the democrats in ruining the economy.

The last great Conservative was Ronald Reagan.  He didn’t care what the media or the world said about him, he just applied his core values to his policy.  He was an unfaltering leader that made Americans proud after the failures of the Carter administration and his policy healed an ailing economy.

For those who will point to the clearly massive spending that happened during the Reagan era, I will agree.  The windfall tax revenue generated during that time should have gone to paying off national debt.  We needed more restricitve policies with regard to welfare related programs and we could have pulled back a little on defense spending.

However, the bottom line is this, the Republican’s appear to have lost this election because they had no backbone.  They did not adhere to their core values, they allowed the traditional media and the new media to frame their debate and that caused them to send a mixed message.  Not a message of hope and real change.

The Bush Administration has kept us safe, but it did so while compromising all of its core conservative principals.  This allowed a our economy to be raped and has left a huge debt for the American people to pay.

If Obama wins tomorrow, as it appears he will, then the Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves.  It is time for them to rebuild.  As a bystander and non-member of the Republican Party (I’m an independent) I believe they need to think carefully.  If they want to rule then they need a clear message, they need to ignore ALL the media and they need some backbone.

Congratulations to my friends who support Obama.  I hope you are correct about his ability and I pray for better times for our great nation.


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