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It’s Not Worth It!

I sit here and reflect on my weekend and I wonder how a fun filled evening could end so explosively.  Our political system has pushed good people to the edge.  As I’ve said in a previous post, when our politicians can get a grandson to besmirch his grandfather in order to make his political point relevant, we’ve lost something in what used to be a uniquely civil American discourse.

I’ll not go into the details of my situation, but suffice to say that it rattled me so much that it still weighs heavily on my mind two full days after the event.  The differences in the political beliefs of most Americans I believe to be very small.  However, the harangue from the extremes on our left and our right keep even the most sensible among us gripped in a life or death struggle to have our ideas accepted.

Reading Audacity of Hope by Barak Obama gives one a sense of a man that is reasonable and somewhere in the middle.  However watching his campaign and how he is drawn to the far left by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed is scary.  His politics are not those espoused in the book.

However, looking at the “Maverick” (quoted with some sarcasm) of the Senate, John McCain, we see the same thing.  The far right of the party would not support him therefore he had to move farther away from the center in order to garner the support of his party if he is to have any chance of being elected.

So we are governed by the extremes.  We receive our news and media from the extremes and those of us who work hard and agree somewhat are painted with a broad brush by our detractors as being part of the extreme.  It doesn’t matter whether you are just slightly to the left or slightly to the right.  Lean one way and you are a Socialist/Communist or lean the other and you are an Intolerant Conservative/Fascist.

In this political season we have two men that I feel are truly like a lot of America.  They are slightly to the left or right of center.  There truly is not much difference between the two.  The left and the right have painted their differences in extreme ways. 

The bottom line is this, my vote goes to the person that will stay out of my wallet first and then stay out of my bedroom second.  That vote then would be for McCain.  I will go to the voting booth and I will cast my vote.  Like many proud Americans before me, I will cast my vote for the American I feel is most deserving and who would serve the best.

For those who say that this choice makes me a fascist or intolerant, I say to you that you then are the one that is intolerant.  Does your vote for Obama make you a socialist or communist.  I say no!  It makes you an American and like most Americans you have made your choice as well.

Let’s all remember that many men and women have served and died for us to make our own choice.  They’ve served so that you and I could vote and so that we can express ourselves in a free and civil way.  Let’s not belittle their service by continuing a discourse that pits Friends against one another. 

While this election is important it is not the end all and be all to life.  When we begin to allow the media and the politicians to gain control over our relationships and how we treat each other, we give up a little of what makes our nation great.  I for one say go and vote!  Vote for whoever you want, write in Mickey Mouse if you have to.  Then stand up and be proud.

Be proud of yourself, your choice and the freedom of others to choose.  Be proud that you haven’t allowed the best efforts of the politicians and the talking heads to ruin your relationships.  Be proud of your friends and respect their choice, in the end we will all need each other and if we allow politics to tear us apart then we are truly weak and deserve what we get in our elected officials.


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  1. jane says:

    well said!

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