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Say it Ain’t So Joe!

I’d like to talk about two Joes today.  Good ole Joe, we all know one.  Joe six pack, Joe the Plumber, GI Joe, Everyday Joe and even Joe Mama ….or is that Yo’ Mama?  I always get those two confused….

Look, all Joe did was ask a question of Senator Obama and it was the question heard around the world.  Joe didn’t ‘ambush’ the man, Joe didn’t seek out some far flung rally to ‘trap’ Senator Obama with a trick question.  Joe just stood in a rope line in is own community and when the Senator came by he asked a basic and simple question. 

The Senators answer was very revealing.  He wants ‘fairness’ he wants to ‘spread the wealth around’.  I say that is socialism and as a matter of fact so do most socialist.  However, socialist are learning a thing or two about spreading the wealth around.  They are learning it doesn’t work and no government can sustain the cost of doing it.

For example, take the words of Raul Castro, brother of Fidel Castro and future ruler of Cuba.  He said; “Socialism means social justice and equality, but equality of rights, of opportunities, not of income.” He went on to say that “egalitarianism is in itself a form of exploitation; exploitation of the good workers by those who are less productive and lazy.”  Hmmm…….so spreading the wealth around ain’t such a good idea anymore? Huh?

Hurry!  Someone get on the horn to Senator Obama and let him know his Socialist buddies are singing a new tune. 

Spreading the wealth around is not what America is about, spreading the opportunity around is!

Now on to what’s happening with Joe!  The Obama campaign and the smear merchants in the media have relentlessly attacked this everyday American for daring to ask the question.  He did nothing wrong, he’s just an everyday Joe.  He goes to work and works hard for his family.

To say that he’s ‘not really’ a plumber because he doesn’t have a license is disingenuous.  I own a Mortgage Brokerage and I have a license.  My loan officers are Mortgage Brokers as well, but they don’t have a license.  They all work under mine!  This happens in many industries.  The media has painted the man a liar, I say the media is lying to the public. 

There are reports that he owes back taxes, he says he didn’t know and I believe that.  But lets suppose for a second that he did know …..  does owing taxes make him un-American or invalidate his question?  I say NO, it just means that he is like the rest of us.  He’s taxed so darn much that he can’t afford to pay the tax and support his family.  Seems like his family came first!  Way to go Joe!

Now let’s move on to a Joe of another sort.  Joe the Senator!  He has a buddy, Senator Government (a name that Senator McCain let slip in the last debate, most say it was a gaff.  I say it was very appropriate.)  Senator Joe thinks that Senator Government will face a major international crisis in the first six months of his presidency.  He well be tested Senator Joe says; “Mark my words!”  He also says that they will need the support of their followers because their response to this test will not be popular with the people.  Hmmm, curious….

Now I don’t know about any of you, but I for one am not ready to adhere to the very un-American idea of spreading the wealth around and I’m sure not ready for our new Commander In Chief to be ‘tested’ in his first 180 days of office.  I think the choices are clear and think we all need to be careful about the ones that we make when we step in that voting booth.

I’m not happy with our choice of candidates this year but there is clearly only one candidate that has put Country First.  You make the call.  I look forward to your comments and thoughts.


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2 Responses

  1. Mike Harmon says:

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. Yaz says:

    While i have almost made it through the political season without commenting this whole Joe the Plumber article has really stirred me up. I will start this by saying i do not like either of the candidates this election. I believe on one hand we have a man that is to old, a little bit crazy, and has shown su over and over again how to make bad decisions. On the other hand he is running against an inexperenced, arrogant, weak minded socialist.
    The reason i am commenting though has nothing to do with the two people at the top of the two parties, but has to do with the way the parties percieve the average guy. First of all the republican party instantly put this man on a pedestal because they felt it could further there cause. While the democratic party attacked and instantly tried to turn this man into a villian just because he disagreed with them.Which one is right i believe neither.
    Hey dems the man just asked a question i know your party does not like someone showing an independent voice, but give him a break. Hey republicans quit pandering to us like we are a bunch of 5 year olds ridiculous.

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