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A Real Debate – Finally!

Well it happened and I blogged along with dozens of others on the debate blog.  This was the REAL debate, this was a sparring match worthy of the fight for the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States of America.

Many said that Senator Obama looked ‘presidential’.  Others liked McCain’s feisty attitude.  I thought that Bob the Moderator did a good job and Joe the Plumber was the man of the evening though!

There were some glaring differences in the candidates.  Obama wants to spend a lot of money to ‘fix’ things and John McCain seems to want to freeze spending in order to fix things.  I think reasonable people will agree that stopping spending is a must ….so not sure how Obama will be able to put his big spending package in place.

McCain didn’t knockout Obama, but neither did Obama.  Bill Kristol thinks that McCain didn’t close the deal.  Obama didn’t close the deal either.  Good back and forth but no real winner.

I love it when McCain called Obama; Senator Government, kind of appropriate.  Obama was slick though.  Some people called him calm and cool, but Obama is really just a slick operator.  McCain might be a little old but he sure is passionate.

Don’t know what to think about the whole thing.  No one really won this debate but at least it wasn’t boring!  Thank goodness I didn’t waste another late evening watching political drivel.


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