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Sarah Palin is One Tough Cookie

So Palin doesn’t do well in interviews.  Palin has been ‘sequestered’ from the media to protect her.  Palin will fail in the debate ….. as it turns out, it’s not true!

Sarah Palin is like the rest of us.  We’re not part of the media elite.  It’s not that we don’t understand the ‘beltway’ mentality, its that the arrogance of these elitist frustrate the heck out of all of us. 

So here we have Gibson & Couric with their ‘gotcha’ questions.  Totally off topic, not talking about the things they told the campaign they would talk about and expecting her to answer questions that have never been asked of any other VP candidate nor Barak Obama.  So she gives half hearted flippant answers. 

Of course, Gibson and Couric and their producers cut the tape to make it look very bad and bang, it’s a gotcha moment.  Here’s the problem I have with all this.  I believe that Sarah SHOULD be asked these questions, BUT, I also believe that Biden, Obama and McCain should be asked them as well. 

I alos believe that fairness and equal treatment means that when Biden berates her and Dick Cheney for their views of what the Vice President is …..and he gets it WRONG!….. the media should go after him with the same wrekless abandon that they’ve gone after Palin with.  Imagine if Palen would have gotten it wrong!

Gibson, Couric, Anderson Cooper and all the rest would not have let the story die.  But with Bidden, well, that’s just Joe and we know Joe.  We know Joe put’s his foot in mouth from time to time and thats okay.

Palin is one tough cookie.  She has put up with all this and is still going strong!  I don’t know that she’s the right person for the job but I do respect the way she takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.  Sarah, I have one thing to say; You are one tough cookie! and I admire that.


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