Brains Not Included

Cracked Up, Whacked Out and Completely Out of Control

Bean Counters and Boneheads

Let’s talk.  The bean counters tell us the $700 billion financial rescue plan is necessary and that it will solve all our problems.  Isn’t that the same thing they said about the take over of Fannie & Freddie?  How about the injection of $85 billion into AIG or the money to prop up WaMu and the list goes on and on?

Now we have experts telling us that $700 billion is a drop in the bucket.  In the overall scheme of things it’s like thowing a dollar at a $1,000,000 debt and hoping that the principal reduction will significantly change the payment structure of the debt.  It’s to little to late ….. in the end it might not be the right solution anyway.

So ‘We the People’ are supposed to bail out Wall Street?  Or is it that we’re supposed to bail out the Politicians.  The political posturing is amazing!  The dweebs and ditsy, stuck up cheerleader types on the left are treating the House and the Senate like their own private Idaho and the crotchety good-ol’-boys on the right are wringing their hands that they may have to cut back on the fillet mignon.  It’s sickening and I could go on and on about the way the House and Senate have been run, but that’s a topic for another post.

The Bean Counters sit in front of Congress and say something has to be done.  The Boneheads in the governement say we risk financial collapse if we don’t bail out Wall Street!  The funny thing is I haven’t heard a word from any of them about bailing out every day Americans.  Curious?

Here’s an idea.  Give every American household that pays federal income tax a check for $50,000. (That would be about 30,000,000 households)  Then let us solve the problem.  If the problem is bad debt clogging the lending markets and restricting the flow of capital, what happens when all that debt is paid off or paid down?

Hell, send me a check !  Put a requirement on it that I MUST use the money to pay off debt before using it for any other purpose or I would be subject to additional tax penalties.  Do you think that would unclog the markets? 

If it’s true that ‘bad’ mortgages are causing the restriction of capital and that this has caused the decline in the housing market, then give the power to the people.  Let the people pay off all their debt and watch what happens.  The citizens of America work hard every day and they deserve a little reciprocity from the government.

One last thing, don’t use class warfare here!  Give it to everyone that actually pays real money to the IRS in the form of income tax and watch the problem just melt away.  Of course this will never happen because for some reason the bean counters will see sending $1.5 trillion to the American people as less of a solution than sending $700 billion to fat cats on Wall Street and the boneheads in Washington would be abdicating their power and their ability to take credit for solving the problem.

Another situation where we look at all of government and it reminds us ….. when we open up the package that is our government and we read the fine print on the box it says Warning:  Brains not included!


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