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Palin Shine a Dull Sheen and Biden Proves He’s a NO-Brainer

When it comes to presidential politics the V.P. candidate is always a cliff hanger.  And while this year was no different the choices have ended up being somewhat confusing to many. 

Joe Biden the king of gaffs, the man who couldn’t even clear 80,000 votes in his NATIONAL bid to become the Presidential nominee for his party, was rolled out as the VP choice.  He has proceeded to go out and make so many misstatements he’s stumbling over himself just trying to explain what he means.

From comments about how Obama would make just as good a President as he would have to saying that he thought Hillary would have been a better choice, Biden has put his candidate in a tough spot.  I was especially interested in the gaff where he introduced a man in the audience and told him to stand up ….. the guy was in a wheel chair.

But lest you think I’m uneven here, just hold on.  The shine has worn off of Sarah Palin as well.  Will someone please tell her that just because you can see Russia from one of the Alaskan islands doesn’t automatically mean she has foreign policy experience!

Someone, please, put her in a room and brief her.  I know she’s a sharp lady but for gosh sakes, if you’re going to throw her into the fire that is national politics, you better give her a little training first.

So here we are in yet another Presidential election seasons and the VP choice will not help either candidate.  the only difference is this time the choice may hurt.  Palin’s shine is now a sheen and Biden is day by day proving the is a NO-brainer  …..  seriously, I don’t think the man has a brain!  🙂


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