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Trademarking the word ‘Olympic’ ??? What?

China is up to new tricks for the Olympics. Lets’ forget the fact that the world, in love with this communist nation, is willing to send their athletes to compete in one of the most polluted major cities in the world at the risk of injuring their health.

Forgive the fact that the lake where certain water sport events will be performed is so polluted that the military was called in to clean up a huge algae bloom. Let’s not even consider the fact that this nation has some of the most egregious human rights violation in world history.

Now……get this……the Chinese Olympic committee is threatening to sue anyone or any company that uses the word ‘Olympics’ during the Olympics without their express written permission. So, this communist nation is employing a little good old fashioned capitalism and trying garner a little extra coin for their coffers by licensing the word ….. the word Olympics.

I thought the Olympics was supposed to bring the world together and make us all feel as one and help us to understand each other. Seems the Chinese just see this as a huge money making and publicity gathering event.

I’ve never agreed with those that have called for boycotts of the games, but you know, that idea is looking better to me know. But of course I’m not all that bright so maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. I guess this means there will be no sand flee Olympics this year. (click the link above to see a news report)


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