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Back to Rand

It never ceases to amaze me how certain philosophers throughout history have been able to nail down characters that seem live for generations. Ayn Rand is one who was able to do just that. Whenever I see Harry Reed on television I can’t help but think of the sniveling, conniving, self interested brother of the main female character in that book. It has been a while since I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and the names of the characters are lost to my memory. However, I do still recall the vibrant portraits of the individuals that Ms. Rand painted so eloquently in words.

Pictures of a wiry, slick intellectual whose comments appear to be of concern for the ‘little’ people but whose words are nothing more than double-speak. Thoughtfully structured press releases and television appearance designed to confuse the masses and to allow for an escape should the political situation change and the position become untenable. Harry Reed is a willow in the wind and while I am no fan of many republicans, Mitt Romney and others, I cannot abide an individual that is so blatant in their hedging on any position and so corrupt as to try to deceive through misstatement of facts.

Hey Harry, get a backbone and really stand up for what you believe in! That’s my thought, I welcome yours.


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