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Fair Tax – Reason You Haven’t Thought Of!

I like the fair tax and its not for the reasons that everyone else does. Sure it will do away with the cumbersome paperwork and the deadlines. It may even help small business owners focus on their business more rather than on how they are going to keep up with the mountain of paperwork they have to fill out just because they hired an employee. But for me its not these things that I see it doing. I don’t know if it will really create a more robust economy and I’m not sure it will create a better situation for the poor through an increase in government efficiency allowing us to support our welfare programs. I’m not even sure that is will help us reduce the national debt as some have suggested.

The fair tax…..also known as a consumption tax….will force our politicians to focus on something besides taxation. They won’t be able to claim that they are going to stick it to the rich to give to the poor, make people pay their fair share or promise tax cuts and then argue over whether they should be permanent or not! Geez, if I hear that one again I think I’ll explode. No, these good for nothing nare-do-wells will have to focus on real issues. If you’re beef is the environment, well, without the tax issue to beat up the pols will have to focus on solving that problem. If your issue is education, again the politicians won’t be able to get off the subject by talking about the money they can steal from the American public through a tax increase. The creaton’s in D.C. will be forced to begin solving real problems like energy and finding a cheaper more abundant source than oil.

It’s time for the Fair Tax but not for the reasons most are saying. It goes deeper and it may be the solution to the class welfare that the political whores seem to fall back on every election cycle. What do you think?


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