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Random Thoughts

As oil approaches ever higher levels and everyone blames Bush and republicans for high energy prices has anyone stopped to think? Higher oil prices make alternative fuels research more attractive and get more consumers interested in using alternative modes of transportation. The high price of oil actually helps us move towards ethanol, clean diesel and even hydrogen powered engines. The longer oil stays at high levels the sooner the entrepreneurs and great thinkers of our time and our nation will find efficient, inexpensive alternative energy sources.

I think its time to look at drilling in the far reaches of Anwar and in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also time to give incentives to those that develop and buy cars that use hybrid technologies and alternative fuels. Hydrogen powered vehicles are very close to being ready for the mass market, all they need a little push. An influx of R&D money to finish the job! Let’s get our government to throw some of our hard earned tax dollars at the innovative companies that are developing this world changing technologies and stop our dependence on foreign oil.

That’s my random thought for today……


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